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11A Golda Court ~ P. O. Box 722 Guilford, Maine 04443 USA
(207) 876-4070
Toll-Free: (888) 280-7575

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Rooms, Rates, and Tariffs Below - Reservations See Above

Senate room at the Trebor Mansion Inn

Trebor Mansion Inn caters to everyone who is interesting enough to show up at our door, from hikers just in from the wilderness and bicyclists to world travelers and the urban elites. And we have the lowest rates in the county, in a magnificent antique building on three acres. What are you waiting for?

For larger parties wishing to utilize the Inn's many features, we can offer a casual rental to accommodate up to 15 overnight guests in the main Inn: The Whole Inn rate is $450 per night, 2000 per week and $4000 per month. Up to 7 additional guests may be accommodated elsewhere on the property for an additional $200 per night. We will not play traffic cop on a private party of this size: You rent the Inn, you decide who stays where. For parties we can seat about 35 people in the main floor dining room and parlors, with additional seating on the verandah. Tragically, the State has decreed that even casual rentals must pay a 7% tax.

Weddings are $1000 and include the Whole Inn for 12 to 15 guests and grounds for two nights minimum ($400 additional thereafter), Ceremony at the Grand Entrance, on the Verandah or Grounds (optional), a Luxury Room for the day (and night!) after the wedding, logistical support where possible and as many callers and well wishers as the Bride and Groom may desire between 9AM and 9PM.

Our catering fee is $4 per person, food additional, and we will be glad to refer you to a spectacular Chef Service. Please call for details.

LUXURY ROOM with King (+ Murphy bed) for up to 4 guests or Queen bed (+cot in Turret) for 2 or 3 guests, private en suite bath, with private balcony, television:
$85 first night, $75 second night, $65 third night and thereafter. For King or use of 2 beds, add $10 per night.

CLASSIC ROOM with Full or Twin beds for 2 guests, hall bath, shared balcony: $65 first night, $55 second night, $50 third night and thereafter.

CLASSIC FAMILY ROOM with Full Bed and Bunk beds beds for up to 5 guests, hall bath, shared balcony: $75 first night, $65 second night, $50 third night and thereafter.

SINGLE PERSON RATES: Individuals in Luxury Room are $75 the first night and $65 thereafter. Classic Room rates are $50 the first night and $40 thereafter.

SUITE A: We have three separate rooms sharing the entire third floor and including the Tower and Turret Loft, 2 baths, balconies, Queen, 2 Full, and 3 Twin beds, for 7 to 9 guests: $200 first night, $190 second, $180 third, $170 thereafter.

SUITE B: We have a connecting suite with fireplace, for up to 6 guests, balcony, bath, Queen, Full and Twin bunks available: $120 first night, $110 second, $100 third, $90 thereafter.

SUITE C: We have three separate rooms sharing the entire second floor and including the Senate Room, 2 baths, balconies, 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Full, and 2 Twin beds, for 10 guests: $220 first night, $210 second, $200 third, $190 thereafter.

SUITE D: We have two rooms on the third floor sharing a bath, for up to 5 guests, balcony, 2 Full and 1 Twin available: $100 first night, $90 second, $80 third, $70 thereafter.


STAYING A WHILE? Monthly and Weekly Rates:

Monthly Rates:
A Classic Room is $1200 for two persons for 30 days. We don't require consecutive days, but you have to use the rooms over a year's time. We probably wouldn't be too happy to see you for less than three days at a time either, but we'll talk.

Luxury Monthly Rate is $1500.

Shared Pot Luck is $750 for one person for a month. We'll put you where we can, and you'll do what you must.

Almost Broke and Desperate: We have allowed hikers to camp on the porch. If you are reading this on a computer, you probably don't qualify. You should be reasonably presentable and willing to work. It will probably be under $25 a night, but we'll talk.

Weekly Rates are $250 for one and $350 for two persons in a Classic Room. Luxury Weekly rate is $450, when available.

the Tower room at the Trebor Mansion Inn
  • We accept cash and personal and business checks drawn on U.S. banks.
  • Add for extra person: $10 per night
  • There is sales tax, and as soon as the Legislature makes up it's mind we will know what it is. Last year it was 7%.
  • Add for TV-VCR in Classic room: $5 if possible :-)
  • Add for breakfast: $7.50 (in room $10)
  • Breakfast is served at the diner in our front yard starting at 5AM (closed on Sundays). If you wish to eat in at the Inn and can talk the kids into it, it will be served at the civilized hour of 9AM. Guests who wish to eat at an uncivilized hour may make other arrangements.
  • Lodge Specials are available for groups in November. We try to offer extended stay and multiple room discounts, depending on the season.


Although you may not abandon your children at the Inn, children per se are most welcome, and childcare may be available on the premises or nearby at the going rates-which are about $5 per kid per hour for the first, and $1 for each additional hour. Children under 12 are free, unless they require an additional bed.


Inquiries welcome, but we can't make any guarantees. We have had horses and goats in our mini-corral - it usually takes 2 or 3 days for the Code Officer to show up and grouch. We never had a cat visit us.

Dogs and shellac floors don't do well together... and they must have their own bed or crate - 3 acres to wander around on, and a large outdoor fenced grassed pen as well. Our dog likes it :-) While we might not accept pets as guests, we can board them nearby. To sum up, although we have trepidations, we are willing to talk. There is a minimum charge of $10 per night. We've had rave reviews at Fresh Air Dogs


While it is doubtful that we would consider hosting a rock concert, just about anything else goes, with the following caveats:

All public facilities in Maine are smoke free by state law. There is a verandah, however.

There are no "dawn" functions at the Trevor Mansion. Dawn is at 9AM. If you are not here on vacation, please assume that we are.

Guests may have visitors in the parlors or on the grounds from 9AM to 9PM.

There is ample parking for guests and their vehicles, including snowmobiles and other toys.

We would appreciate it if you did not drink alcohol in the premises. There is a verandah.

Wild parties and other exuberant displays are frowned upon, unless the owners are invited.

Interesting habits should be indulged - you guessed it! -  on the



You may call the Trebor Mansion Inn at (207) 876-4070 or toll-free (888) 280-7575 between 9AM and 9PM or email us at for reservations. Cash and personal checks are accepted. Our rates have not changed in 8 years, but this means we can no longer accept credit cards - some of them now charge $15 per transaction:-Not every criminal lives at Club Fed....

Payment is due at reservation. So you need to mail us a check. Inconvenient? Sure, but it saves you $10 or so. If you are so wealthy that $10 is worth the convenience to you, have your butler write out the check and tip him $10 bucks. Problem solved.

Our address is Trebor Mansion (duh) PO Box 722, Guilford, Maine 04443. If you decide to not send a check and just show up, rest assured I will will do everything in my power to find a troupe of wandering carneys (small hands, smelling of cabbage) to rent it to at a discount. There is always the porch floor...

Refunds are made if it is possible for us to rent the room, less a $20 fee. Rain checks are issued, good for up to one year, in all other circumstances other than your death, and if you're dead, we won't be hearing from you, right?


Widely traveled and interested in everything, the Shaffer Family has restored historic homes for 15 years, and they represent 5 Continents in their heritage. They invite you to browse their collection of 500 movie titles and their 6,000 volume personal library.* Mislaid items will lead to the release of the hounds.

* We lost about 5000 books in the fire of 1-24-2004, and only about 200 videos survived. Tragically, the only volumes actually available for guest purview at this time were abandoned here by a disgruntled maid and consist of trashy romance novels, a few thrillers, and some tell all scandal monger stuff about the British Royal Family and the Kennedys. We are working on it...
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